PNPC had already obtained the environmental/social certification for the above project, however, during the process of applying for financing from the Asian Development Bank, additional comments on the ESIA needed to be addressed. LCG was contracted to carry out an update of the ESIA which included additional social and environmental surveys and drafting of an indigenous peoples plan.
Implementation Period:  
XePian XeNamnoy Power Company Limited (PNPC)
Attapeu and Champasak, Lao PDR

PNPC are constructing a 390 MW Hydro-power Project on the Houay Makchan, Xe Pian and Xe Namnoy in Champasak and Attepeu provinces of southern Lao. The implementation of the Project includes an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Resettlement and Ethnic Minority Development Plan (REMDP), and a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) of the Xe Kong Basin. The consultancy services involve development of an existing SEIA to ADB Safeguards standards based on Due Diligence carried out by ADB/IFC and an ADB hired international consultant.

The work involved revision of the Environmental Impact Assessment including: basin hydrology and environmental flows; aquatic ecology; terrestrial biodiversity; watershed management and biodiversity restoration; and an endemic fish species study.

A Cumulative Impact Assessment of the development of hydro-power, mining and agro-industrial development through land concessions.

The scope of work for the Social Safeguards included:

1. census socio-economic baseline household survey of approximately 1,800 households in 17 villages;
2. detailed inventory of about 450 households;
3. development of databases for the surveys, entry and analysis of the survey data;
4. quality assurance of data collection and entry into databases;
5. corrective action plan for livelihood restoration;
6. Labour Management Plan;
7. Gender Action Plan;
8. Public Health Action Plan;
9. Irrigation Plan;
10. Community Health and Safety Plan;
11. Ethnic Minority People, Cultural, Socio-economic, and Agro-ecological Study

Sector's activity:
Social and Environment Safeguards Social and Environmental Surveys Gender and Development