The project is aimed at improving the NR4 from Xieng Ngeun at the junction with NR13 to Nakha at the border between Sayaboury and Thailand as part of the GMS transport network link. LCG was contracted to carry out the survey and design of the NR4 road section from Xieng Ngeun to Pakhone (59km) at the Mekong River under the EDCF-funded section. LCG also joined the LTEC consortium to carry out construction supervision (including the environmental, resettlement, social development, HIV/AIDS and prevention of human trafficking coordination) for the road construction works for the section from Pakhone to Nakha (309km) under the ADB-funded sections.
Implementation Period:  
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Sayaboury & Luang Prabang Provinces, Lao PDR

The GMS Corridors are seen as ‘initializing’ projects for economic cooperation in the sub-region and serve as a ‘locomotive’ for sub-regional development along their important axes. The improvement of the project road (National Road 4 - NR4) will facilitate exchange and development between neighbouring countries. In particular the transport infrastructure will complement the Governments’ programs to promote agricultural and industrial production in the corridor of influence area by redressing transport deficiencies and providing more reliable and less costly transport services.

The Project comprises (i) improvement of 367 kilometers (km) of Route 4 (the project road) from Xiang Ngeun to Nakha, construction of a bridge over the Mekong River on the project road, and improvement of about 100 km of rural access roads in the project area; (ii) procurement of equipment for use in operating and facilitating the border crossing at Kenthao, now under construction, and for enforcement of axle-load controls on the project road; (iii) consulting services for construction supervision and monitoring and evaluation as well as detailed design for the rural access roads; (iv) maintenance of the national road network by providing financing for periodic road maintenance; (v) improvement of road safety by financing consulting services to continue the ongoing road safety assistance program; and (vi) a program to reduce the risks of HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and human trafficking that may develop during the improvement and operation of the project road.

LCG is contracted by DOHWA under EDCF fund to prepare the detailed engineering design of 56 km of road rehabilitation, in conformity with the MPWT’s specifications and requirements. The assignment includes the topographical survey, installation of GPS control points and hydraulic data collection, and detailed geometrical, pavement and drainage designs for road section.

Under the ADB component, LCG as associate consultant provided a team of community mobilizers to carry out the activities under vi) above and a team of engineers and technicians (inspectors, materials engineer, surveyor, and laboratory technicians) to assist in the construction supervision of the national road from Pakhone to Nakha and feeder roads.

Sector's activity:
Road and Transport